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Robo Blast
A 34cm tall robot ROBO BLAST: The Ultimate Programmable Robot Toy with Blasting Fist!

Remote Blasting: Single or Continuous Blast
Take control with the Full Function Remote Control have it move in all directions and launch the darts. Choose between Single Blast for a precise shot or Continuous Blast to unleash a rapid-fire barrage on your targets.

3 Blasts per Reload: More Action, Less Downtime
ROBO BLAST comes with a capacity for 3 Blasts per reload, ensuring maximum action with minimal downtime. Plus, you’ll receive 6 darts to get started on your epic robotic adventures!

Dance Mode:
When it’s time for a break from blasting, switch to Dance Mode and watch ROBO BLAST show off its slick moves! This versatile robot can dance, providing endless entertainment and laughs for the whole family.

LED Eyes & Sound SFX: Bring ROBO BLAST to Life
ROBO BLAST’s LED eyes and captivating sound effects add a whole new level of excitement and interaction. Watch as its eyes light up and listen to the thrilling sound effects as you engage in action-packed play.

With the ability to record up to 20 programming steps, you can pre-program the robot to walk in different directions and even blast its darts on command.