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Introducing ROBO RAPIDFIRE - a 2-in-1 Remote Control Blasting Robot!

Introducing ROBO RAPIDFIRE – a 2-in-1 Remote Control Blasting Robot! A remote control blasting robot and at the same time the remote can be transformed into a Blaster, with robot transformed into a moving target, delivering a revolutionary gameplay for kids and parents.

Key Features:
With two dynamic game modes to select from, the excitement is endless:

Target Blasting Game:
Attach the clip-on gatling drum to the transformable remote and fire up to 10 darts with remarkable precision. Witness the robot autonomously navigate its surroundings, engaging with the provided training target for limitless blasting fun!

“RC Blasting Game:
Take complete command of the robot’s movements using the versatile transformable remote. Navigate in all directions—forward, backward, and turning — while firing darts at targets with one simple button press, the fun never ends.

Safety is paramount, which is why our darts are made of EVA, a soft and safe material, ensuring worry-free play for everyone. Additionally, both the robot and the remote are powered by rechargeable batteries, guaranteeing extended gaming sessions without interruption.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Our ROBO RAPIDFIRE features an aggressive LED face and dynamic sound effects, intensifying the gaming experience.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the ultimate blend of technology and entertainment. Unleash the thrill with our Transformable Blaster—it’s sure to captivate kids and parents alike!

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