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Introducing World of Armours - the electronic warrior in a pod for kids and collectors alike!

Introducing World of Armours – the electronic warrior in a pod for kids and collectors alike!
Unleash your imagination and recreate legendary battles with this new HEROPOD™ series .

Inside each World of Armours box, you’ll find over 30 parts to build one specific warrior such as fierce Roman legionaries, brave Vikings, valiant knights, or their loyal warhorses. The fun doesn’t stop there – the box lid doubles as a stand, making it easy to display your epic warriors!

The electronic module with LED eyes and expressive eyebrows on each warrior brings the toy to “life”! Press a button to make their eyes blink, adding a touch of realism to your battles. Every warrior comes with a unique weapon and the thrilling sound effects of clashing steel, allowing you to create countless battle scenarios.

But the World of Armours series doesn’t stop with warriors. You’ll also find 2 special warhorses with exclusive features. Thanks to the built-in sensor, you can pat their backs for realistic trotting sound effects, or press their heads to hear their mighty whinnies. Best of all, these warhorses are compatible with all warriors, letting you mix and match riders for different possibilities!

Collect all 8 figures in this exciting series, including 6 warriors and 2 warhorses. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring the thrilling world of historical battles to life with World of Armours!

List of Styles:
·         Dane Axe Viking
·         Sword Knight
·         Lance Knight
·         Greataxe Viking
·         Legionary
·         Gladiator
·         Silver Warhorse
·         Golden Warhorse