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Robo Dash
A Robotic Puppy that Grows while you pet!

A Robotic Puppy that Grows while you Pet!
The more you pet, the longer I get!

A lovable robotic puppy who will follow you wherever you go
With multi directional movement and gesture control, Robo Dash will follow your gesture commands to perform tricks and actions.

Follow me mode brings Robo Dash to life. Watch him follow your movement.
Manual control mode allows you to make Robo Dash go any direction you want by using the multi-directional remote. Touch Robo Dash’s head to see his fabric like body shrink and grow up to 45cm. Play fetch using the ball shaped remote. Built in obstacle detection means that Robo Dash can keep himself safe!
Just like a real puppy he pants, barks and even wags his tail when he’s happy to see you.

  • I can stretch up to 45cm long!
  • Speaker for Lively Sound SFX
  • Walk with me and I’ll follow
  • Lively fabric belly
  • All Direction Control
  • Gesture Control
    • Wave your hand and I’ll chase my tail in a circle!
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